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The tecnopolo

Moncalieri Tecnopolo S.p.A. is a company committed to creating a top European centre in the production plants and services sector. The project, formulated at the wishes of the Towns of Moncalieri and Trofarello, has been made possible by the collaboration of a group of public bodies and private operators.

This initiative has benefited from contributions for the promotion of Integrated Development Areas (PIS) provided for manufacturing districts and assigned by the European Union, Italian State and Piedmont Regional Authority to the towns of Moncalieri and Trofarello.

It was the towns of Moncalieri and Trofarello themselves which were the first to promote the initiative, committed to identifying a suitable area (the Vadò area) from a point of view of urban planning and to building a tecnopolo, contributing to the construction of the infrastructures required for easy access, and starting off the application for funds.

A strategy which took advantage of Turin and Piedmont being among the “Islands of Innovation”, areas chosen to encourage investments in high technology activities. A choice shared by European capital cities such as London, Paris, Munich, Grenoble, Lyon.


One of the strong points of the tecnopolo is its position on the outskirts of Turin, on the border of Moncalieri and Trofarello, in an area which is easily accessible from the ring road, the motorway, the main northern Italian routes and the tunnels abroad.

The functionality of the infrastructures and the quality of the architectural and urbanistic planning by Giugiaro Design, are the distinguishing features of the technological district of Montepo, making it a unique example of type standardisation of the architectural product in the Italian and European sphere.

integrated development area Turin
View of the technological district
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